Werk-ing My Way Up The Ladder

The job at Avant Werks was completely unexpected. I needed my A4 Audi to pass smog and it was starting to look like it wasn’t going to, so I decided to take it to the specialty Audi shop in Truckee. I walked in trying to get my car to pass smog and I walked out with a job. I would never have guessed that something so happenstance would affect the past year of my life so exponentially. When I showed up for my first day at Avant Werks, my boss immediately had me working at top gear. I quickly moved through the ranks. For my first day at Avant Werks I was extremely nervous because this was something that was new for me and I had no idea where I was going to start. As soon as I walked in the door I was put to work. I dressed really nice because I thought he was going to have me being something up front or working on a computer. Instead he had me as a parts assistant in the back. My first day was hard trying to figure out the right part numbers and putting parts back but I know that I have to start somewhere being that this is something new for me.

At the end of the week my boss informed me that I was doing an excellence job with my organization skills and with remembering part numbers. He told me that he would like for me to learn part numbers and good organization so that one day he will allow me to work up front. I was very thrilled with my knowledge of the new system and how quickly I was able to manage the inventory in more of a responsible way. I climbed my way up the ladder and soon became a Service Writer, and occasionally the bookkeeper. Dealing with being the new service writer was especially hard for me, but still very exciting. I was able to learn checking out people and checking customer no problem but my next issue was also learning how to be a salesman as well. It was hard when are basic oil change is $150 something that I knew I would never pay so it was really hard for me to sell it. I was also learning a lot more about European cars which I believe is also going to save me a lot of money in the future being able to do my own mechanic work and being able to work with the different vendors have always giving me discount on parts. The work ethic that this job has taught me has spanned it’s way throughout my life and disciplined me to make me an overall better man.




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