Made in 1975

This week at Avant Werks was a pretty special week for us. Not only were we slammed with people and business, we helped our boss and founder celebrate his 40th birthday. Drew takes care of all of us at the shop and the shop is his life. He treats us like family and it’s really nice to have a day to appreciate him and everything he does for us. It’s just a great excuse just to celebrate him and the business with him and his family. This week has really hit home on some of our core values as a team and a family and it really brings everything full circle. I’m just really thankful for this opportunity and for the relationships that have come out of it. Not only to I have Drew to thank for my position and job, but for my work ethic. I’ve learned a lot form him and he has really taken me under his wing. I am so thankful for him and I really enjoyed celebrating with him.10712449_10153817555956893_6167114019332689928_o


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